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Concerning Covid-19, Namibia is by far one of the safest countries on earth. With our vast open spaces, constant sunshine, low population and fresh unpolluted air, the chances of contracting Covid-19 is minimal to the point of insignificant.

Considering the above, a holiday in Namibia is the ideal breakaway from a crazy world filled with fear, confusion and stress.

We have put together a list of precautions that we have implemented to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while simultaneously we have also taken special consideration to be realistic and not overreact to the point that fear might spoil your holiday.

Our list of precautions

  • All our vehicles will be sanitized daily on completion of each tour. 

  • A clean sanitized vehicle will be presented to our clients at the start of each day tour.

  • Special attention will be given to sanitize hot spots such as door handles, safety belt clips, window clips, head rests and seats.

  • No handshakes or body contact will be allowed when greeting guests  - we will do an elbow greet.

  • Our clients' hands will be sanitized before entering the vehicle.

  • Only window seats will be sold until the virus is brought under control. One seat will be left open between guests. Exceptions can be made for families.

  • Clients will be encouraged to keep the windows open where possible to allow internal ventilation, which in return will reduce the potential spread of the virus.

  • Masks may be removed once outside of the vehicle and then our social distancing rule of 1,5 m will be applied.

  • Our guides have completed a Covid-19 Protocol Course offered by TAN (Tour Guides Association of Namibia) and endorsed by FENATA(Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations) and NTB (Namibian Tourism Board).

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