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Our Living Desert tour, also known as the "Little 5" tour, explores the local dune belt between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. While conducting tours, we take special care not to cause any damage to the dune ecosystem. During our tour we will discuss topics such as endemic fauna and flora, conservation and geology. Plenty of time will be made available for frequent stops to take photos of the dunes and the surrounding environment.

We will continuously stop to look for animal tracks on the dunes (locally known as 'reading the bushman newspaper'), to determine which creatures were active the previous night. Wherever possible, we will try to catch some of these amazing, specially adapted, dune animals, in order to photograph and learn more about them.

Our guides will take great care to share their wealth of knowledge on the desert and the unique adaptations that the animals and plants use to survive in this harsh, sensitive ecosystem, which depends on the life-giving fog that rolls in daily.

Special attention is given to keep the desert in pristine condition, and much care and respect is exercised while handling the delicate desert animals.

Some of the amazing endemic species that can be found on this tour include the web-footed Namib dune gecko, shovel-snouted lizards, snakes, chameleons, skinks, scorpions and a variety of beetles and insects, including numerous plants that survive in this barren habitat.



  • The tour starts at 08h00 and ends between 12h00 and 13h00.

  • We will fetch you at your guest house between 08h00 and 08h15 and drop you at your guest house after the tour (pickups only in Swakopmund).

  • Please identify your guest house when booking.

  • If you stay outside of Swakopmund, we will arrange a pickup point.

  • Tours are done in English and German, or a mix of both languages, depending on the nationality of the tourists.

  • If everybody on the tour is German, then we can offer a German-only tour, otherwise the tour is in English with German translations.

  • Please take note of our group size – we start with a minimum of two people and accommodate a maximum of 16  people on a tour. Our guide team consists of four guides. 

  • Larger groups up to 30 people can be booked on request.


RATES   (valid from 01/11/2023 to 31/10/2024)

  • Our tour costs N$850 per person in cash on completion of the tour.

  • We also accept the equivalent amount in Euro or USD

  • We do not have a credit card facility


  • Children 12 years or younger pay half price – N$450.

  • Young children should be well behaved and under adult supervision.


  • No cancellation fees will be charged due to Covid-19-related cancellations. (Subject to change)

  • Should you want to cancel this tour, then please let us know well in advance so that we can sell your seat to somebody else.

  • A last minute cancellation (within 48 Hours), no-show on the day of the tour, or an incorrect booking from your side, will result in 100% cancellation fees.


  • Breakfast and lunch is not included. Please have a good breakfast at your guest house before the tour.

  • Soft drinks and water are included on the tour.

  • Dress warmly if it is cold, and remember a hat, sun block and sunglasses.

  • Walking shoes or sandals are fine, and you can walk barefoot if the sand is not too hot.

  • Remember your camera and a macro lens if you have one – pocket cameras have a macro lens built in already.

  • Modern mobile phones can also be used to take great pictures which can be used instantly on social media.

  • Toilets – it is advisable to go to the toilet before you are picked up for the tour, as there is no toilet on our tour. If you do need the toilet we will provide you with a scenic, hygienic, panoramic natural dune toilet at your request.

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